Monday, April 18, 2011

A-Z How Many Have You Read/Heard Contest (Letter O)

  The Challenge is over 1000 strong (amazing, huh?). Hosted by:  Arlee Bird, Alex J Cavanaugh, Jen Daiker and Talli Rolland.
For those who maybe haven't stopped by before, I'm doing a How Many Have You Read/Heard Contest. Each day will feature YA audiobooks I've listened to that have titles starting with that day's letter.

To enter, comment on which books you've read. Most will count as one entry. Older/more obscure books will count as two.

At the end of the month I'll draw names for several prizes including cool bookmarks, books, ARCs and a $10 Barnes and Noble gift certificate.

BTW, "Q" day will have a separate query crit giveaway.
"A" and "The" don't count in the title, and I'm not using multiple titles in a series or author names unless I'm desperate.

Now, for   O 

The Outsiders Thanks to a shortage of  "O" titles, I finally read this YA classic...can't believe I waited this long. (worth 2 entries)

Once Was Lost A pastor's daughter has to deal with her mom's alcohol issues and her dad's possible infidelity. (worth two entries)

On the Jellicoe Road Didn't realize back on "J" that American versions of this book are just called JELLICOE ROAD, so I'm using the Australian title here. Either way it's a wonderful book. (worth one entry)

The Opposite of Invisible THE OPPOSITE OF INVISIBLE- Found and read this one specifically for this post. About a girl who wants to break out of her cocoon even if that means losing the one who made her feel safe there. (worth two entries)
That's it for O. To enter, comment on which books you've read. If you read a YA "O" one I missed, mention it. If I've read/listened to it you'll get two entries.

And feel free to add a comment later in the month if you read/listen to something because I mentioned it here.


  1. Sadly, Once Was Lost is the only book I've read on todays list.

  2. Outsiders. Not only one of the biggest movies of my generation (so full o' 80 hunks), but a really fantastic book, too.
    Have not read On the Jellicoe Road. I just read Piper's Son this weekend. OMG. So highly recommended. Jellicoe Road is coming soon.

  3. The Outsiders- such a great book- and Jellicoe Road

  4. I have read none of the book that you post above. :(

    But I have read The Orange Girl by Jostein Gaarder, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, Outrageously Alicce by Phillis Reynolds Naylor

  5. I've read Outsiders which I loved!!