Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday- Best of October

This Week's YA Highway Road Trip Topic is: What was the best book you read in October?

I had a wonderful listening month in October (more on that next Monday for my How Many Have You Read/Heard contest).

My favorite, hands down, was EVERY DAY, by my writing hero, David Levithan.

The problem is, I already posted about my undying love for this book (and David Levithan) HERE.

Next favorite? Already posted about it (WHAT'S LEFT OF ME, by Kat Zhang) HERE.

My third favorite this month was PERFECTED BY GIRLS, by Alfred C. Martino. I think he's a local New Jersey author, so I'm not sure how available this book is, especially in audio.

It's a girl-doing-a-guy-sport book. Specifically, Wrestling. I loved that the author dealt with the issues of girls participating in this sport, competing with guys, in a realistic way, and that he gave voice to both sides of the issue (for and against female participation) while still ending up supporting the girls.

What about you? Read any of these? What was your October fav?


  1. Still need to read EVERY DAY. October was a busy month for me, so I didn't get a ton of reading in. But I did read THE RAVEN BOYS, and I thought it was really good.

  2. The description for EVERY DAY kills me. I really need to read this one. Such a unique concept and you just KNOW that it's going to be an epic story.

  3. Can't wait to read Every Day! It sounds amazing, and I love David Levithan's other books.

  4. I haven't read any of these, but EVERY DAY definitely sounds interesting. You're not the first person I've heard say it was really good. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  5. I've been really looking forward to 'What's Left of Me'. I've heard such great reviews across the board -- can't wait to get a copy from the library!