Monday, November 26, 2012

Debut Author Challenge #12

I'm finished but not done with this challenge.

I've hit and will exceed the twelve book challenge, and I plan to write about all of them.

Number Twelve is INCARNATE by, Jodi Meadows. I got this one from Audible.

In a world where one million souls have been reborn for thousands of years, one girl is new. And she wants to know why.

This had a strong traditional Fantasy feel to it, which surprised me (in a good way) as I was expecting more of a futuristic Fantasy. As I said, it was a good surprise, and the book also left enough unanswered questions and new possibilities to have me looking forward to the next one.

What about you? Read this one? Any other debuts to recommend?


  1. It's by no means a debut, but I just read ASK THE PASSENGERS and I adored it. Amazing book.

  2. I just read Daughter of Blood and Starlight, which isn't a debut but a great book nonetheless.

  3. When my library got Incarnate in I was so excited b/c I'd heard such great things about it, but....I couldn't get past the opening chapters. The story seemed very purple prose and nonsensical.

    I'm very much looking forward to reading the sequel to Daughter of Smoke and bone. I know I"ll like it. I also really enjoyed Grave Mercy.