Monday, October 3, 2011

How Many Have You Read/Heard Contest (My September Listens)

This month, I have these ARCs to give away:

To win, let me know which of my September listens you've read (or listened to). You get one entry each.

As I mentioned before, I had a fabulous listening month.

Plague Dystopian set in a destroyed NYC.

Abuse, religion, redemption, freedom. As usual, Eleen Hopkins deals with it all, and so well.

Final battles are fought and truths are revealed.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating...I loved this as much as Hunger Games and Uglies.

The devil on one shoulder/angel on the other story has never been this fun...or sexy.

An amazing, funny, brilliant romp through the insane world of gender roles and the pop culture that propagates the madness.

 This set of short stories by an amazing group of YA writers may not settle the question of which is better, zombies or unicorns, but readers will enjoy the fruits of their debate.


This second book of the High Fantasy series is as good as the first.

Read any? Let me know which ones. I'll announce winners on Friday. 

International entries welcome.


  1. Whoa! Those are some ARCs I'd love to win (Shatter Me! Crossed!). I've read BEAUTY QUEENS, PERSONAL DEMONS, and DIVERGENT. All were great.

  2. Great ARCs! I've read City of Glass and Divergent.

  3. Burned, Divergent, and BEAUTY QUEENS!!!

    I would LOVE to win Shatter Me!

    Thanks for the super amazing contest!

  4. Great ARCs, and I believe they're all already on my to-read list. I've read DIVERGENT and ZOMBIES vs. UNICORNS. Such a hilarious read!!

  5. eight books this months? that's a lot of listening. I'm doing good if I can finish one audio book a month, but then again, I only listen to them in the car, so you know. I've read BURNED, DIVERGENT, PERSONAL DEMONS, and BEAUTY QUEENS.

    and, you have some great ARCS this month! I can't wait to read SHATTER ME and CROSSED, but the others sound fantastic as well :)

  6. What an awesome list of ARCs to give away! I've read City of Glass, Divergent, Personal Demons, and Beauty Queens. And yes, I loved absolutely all of them!

  7. Very impressive reading month! I've read COG and Divergent.

  8. I got the Fateful ARC! Finally! I was so super happy! Thankyou :D

    I've read City Of Glass.
    Absolutely LOVED it.

  9. I've read Beauty Queens (which I LOVED) and COG. I also read Matched and am excited to see Ally Condie is back!

  10. I read DIVERGENT and loved it, of course. Oh man, an ARC of SHATTER ME would be divine!

  11. I am in the middle of reading Beauty Queens right now and I'm really enjoying it :) Thank you for this awesome giveaway, I'm dying to read these books!


  12. Such great books you posted! I am a huge Mortal Instruments fan :) Cannot wait to read Crossed. I've met Ally Condie, so nice :)


  13. Great ARCS! I have read City of Glass, Divergent, The Exiled Queen (loved it), and Ashes,Ashes.

  14. I cannot wait to read these!
    I've read Divergent and Ashes, Ashes.

  15. I've read Divergent!

    Following from the Campaign :)

  16. I've read DIVERGENT! Can't wait to read ASHES, ASHES. :)

  17. I've read Divergent and City of Glass. I am just starting to read Ashes, Ashes. So far, I really enjoy it.