Saturday, October 1, 2011

Banned Books Week

Phew! I almost missed it! Banned Books Week ends tonight.

To celebrate I'm going to bludgeon-ly paraphrase a quote from BEAUTY QUEENS, by Libba Bray. (A book that is definitely making my list of all-time favorites).

"Except for the towns that managed to ban TALE OF TWO CITIES because the author's name sounded suspiciously pornographic"

Sorry, Libba Bray, for butchering that one (I can't find it on the audiobook), but I hope the message is still there!

Parents, monitor what books your children read, but please leave other people's children out of it.


  1. LOVE Beauty Queens - I forgot all about that line - what a great way to sum up the week!

    Yes, I am totally opposed to book banning. And I hate parents that try to play God for everyone else.