Friday, October 7, 2011

Debut Author Challenge #7 (Possession) and ARC Winners

First off, the winners of my How Many Have You Read/Heard Contest are: Meredith, Carol, Rebecca and Alison. Thanks everyone for participating. I will be sending emails to winners later today.

Now, for my Debut Author #7.

This author is a testament to the power of social networking. Because of my connection to her online, I Read, Read her book.

Yes, you heard/read me right. Me, the audiobook addict, does read, read sometimes, though my precious reading time is usually devoted to research for my WIP and the occasional market comparison fiction book.

Nevertheless, I did read this one, and it was well worth the time!

POSSESSION, by Elana Johnson

First off, the voice is amazing. The writing is sparse (which I love). The reader's understanding of this Dystopian world is peeled away like layers of an onion over the course of the book, and you are left, know more. 

So, if you haven't read this one yet, do. The audiobook addict herself says it's worth sitting down, putting everything else aside, and read, reading :)

What about you? Read this one yet? Any other debut authors to recommend?


  1. I won?! Happy Friday indeed! :) Thanks!
    I've heard great things about POSSESSION, so I want to read it.

  2. I have. and I can't wait to read the companion novel to hopefully catch a glimpse at what happens to Vi!

  3. I read this one. I really liked it. Such a cool book.

  4. As soon as I get my hands on a copy, it will shoot to the top of my TBR. I'm going to break down and buy it. I am. I am.

    And thanks again for these super awesome contests! I will continue to spread the word!

  5. I enjoyed this one, but so far I haven't heard any word of a sequel and I felt like it was set up for a sequel. How about you? Did you think so too? I want more Jag!

  6. Jamie- It says (Possession #1) on GoodReads...assuming that means there are plans for #2...I want more Jag too.

  7. It's not really a sequel, so much as a companion, but SURRENDER will be out next June! (The 5th, I believe.)

    Thanks Jennifer!

  8. Possession is on my TBR bookcase. I'm hoping to get to it before it becomes 2012. Thanks for the review.