Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Peace Starts At Home

International Day of Peace is on Wednesday. To celebrate, is hosting a three day blogfest.

Today we were supposed to share our personal experiences with the negative things that make peace seem unattainable.

I've been blessed with a loving (if not perfect) family, both as a child and as an adult, but I've always felt strongly about the victimization of women and children. I've volunteered and/or donated to women's shelters in every place I've lived as an adult, and many of my professional jobs have focused on working with at-risk families.

Domestic violence and child abuse are major stumbling blocks to world peace. How can strangers from different races, religions and nationalities ever learn to accept each other and work together if a significant percentage of families haven't even learned to do so? 

What about you? What are the barriers to peace you feel most strongly about?


  1. What a great blogfest!

    Barriers to peace - apathy. Not feeling like you can make a difference. Even if it's in the form of a smile or throwing trash away or not looking the other way. Small acts of kindness go a long way.

  2. ooh! I do love Ember and A Great and Terrible Beauty too :-)

    And I agree with Alison about apathy. I think it's the single biggest block. Most people simply don't care until they are personally affected.