Monday, September 19, 2011

All We Are Saying...

International Day of Peace is on Wednesday. To celebrate, is hosting a three day blogfest.

Today we were supposed to show something we created that expresses how we feel about peace.

Unfortunately, nothing I can create can express how I feel as well as John Lennon did. So, I'm trying my first video...crosses fingers...hope it works!

This song reminds me that if we can step beyond the artificial boundaries of race, religion, power, money, and nationality we can create a world that is beyond most of our imaginings but not beyond possibility.

I have hope for this. Do you?


  1. What a beautiful video to go with a beautiful song. Imagine never fails to make me cry--I definitely have hope for that.

  2. Ah yes, one of the most beautiful and truthful songs ever written. Good choice, one of my favorites!

  3. I always get misty-eyed listening to that song. I try to have a hope for that.

  4. I love that song so much. Great job on the video!