Monday, October 18, 2010

Signed Audiobook Givaway and Review-Rick Riordan


The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles, #1)
The Percy Jackson series, Egyptian God style.

As a Reader:

I was told this book was more serious than the Greek god series, but I found that the lighter, entertaining tone of the first series still prevails in this one. I do think this one has more backstory/history in it. I'd be curious to know if it holds the young reader's interest. I wanted to be an archeologist in fifth grade, so all the Egyptian stuff worked fine for me.

As a Writer:

I loved the sister character (Sadie), but I wish he would have done more to make the brother (Carter) a little less Percy-esque.

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As for the Givaway:

I have a signed Mp3 CD (you can listen to it through the computer or any Mp3 capable stereo or boombox)  for someone who comments here about which fascinates you more, Greek or Egyptian history and why.



  1. I like Greek more, because the Gods interested me more than mummies, plus I love audio books.

  2. I like Egyptian history more, because of the mysteries of the kings and their pyramids. So many of them!

  3. Definitely Egyptian--I also wanted to be an archaeologist as a kid. I love hierogylphs and the imagery in Egyptian art.

  4. I love Greek history more. I understand Greek mythology from studying it in school and the stories are rich and intertwoven:) (a new word)
    Rick's books are amazing! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. that is such a hard choice to make! on the one hand, i love greek history because of all the fascinating stories and on the other hand I love egyptian history because they were way ahead of their time but i will have to go with Greek history!

    count me in if this is international please


  6. Oh, I still need to get this one. Great thoughts. :)

  7. I really want this book for my classroom - I've got 2 sets of the Percy series.

    I'd have to go with Egyptian - the heiroglyphics & pyramids are super cool!

  8. Hi!

    I think I would go for Greek,

    they seem so much more mysterious and scandalous in a way.

    in my opinion, greek tales get more awareness compared to egyption tales,

    but that's just my opinion,

    so no hard feelings,


  9. That's a tough one. I like both and think both histories are fascinating. But I'll go with Egyptian.

  10. FairyWhispers- I think you're right about Greek myths being more well-known. I think that's why this Rick Riordan series has/will have more backstory/history in it.