Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday

  On YA Highway, this week's road trip question is, What would I pack, as a reader/writer, for a month-long stay on a deserted island.

In an effort to keep it simple (if not light), I'd take:

My unabridged works of Shakespeare
(since I haven't revisited him much since college)

William Shakespeare - Sämtliche Werke in einem Band (This is the cover on my edition, only my title is in English)

Notebooks and pens (say, 15 and 30 of each to be optimistic)

Twizzlers (at least 15 bags)

See full size image

What about you?


  1. Twizzlers are a VERY good choice, as is Shakespeare!

  2. Omg yes to the Twizzlers! Great source of nutrients right there ;)

  3. A compilation of Jane Austen books, and a lot of boxes of peppermint tic tacs.

  4. Ha, Shakespeare works for sure! Twizzlers double as a straw when you're drinking out of coconuts. :D

  5. A never ending pack of chocolate. I like the idea of taking shakespeare as well :)