Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Award!


First off, thanks so much, Ishta Mercurio @Musings of a Restless Mind for giving me this award. Rainbows and cupcakes are always appreciated, even cyber ones!

I guess this award has some requirements. First off, I have to thank the person who gave it to me (see above). Then I have to answer the following question: If I had the chance to go back and change one thing in my life, would I, and what would it be?

I do wish I would have started writing sooner since breaking in now seems to be tougher than ever (okay, not as tough as Jane Austen had it, but you know what I mean).

The problem is, my first book ideas were for adult genres. It wasn't until our basement flooded and I had to go through some wet high school stuff that I thought to write YA. From there, I plunged into my first book, head first.

So, if I could have started writing YA sooner (like if my basement would have flooded sooner) then maybe I would change that...

But then, I was my wonderful agent Suzie Townsend's first client, so starting earlier would have meant not having her...

Okay, guess I'll just have to trust that everything is happening just as it ought to:)

Phew! That wore me out. Don't think I'll be writing a time-travel book anytime soon...they must be killers to plot.

Now, for my last requirement, I must pass this award on to five of my favorite blogs:

Laura Pauling ,who offers balanced/solid advice about writing.
Elana Johnson, who offers great blogging advice, plus the most important thing to share on a blog (as I learned form her), herself.
Shallee McArthur, at Life, The Universe and Writing, who has the coolest title and design for her blog.
Elle Straus, who's doing a first 250 word blogfest for writers tomorrow. Check it out!
Confessions From Suite 500, where my agent and two of her colleagues offer their perspectives on the publishing world.
And Rebecca Behrens, my agent mate, at Vicarious Reader, who often has posts with a curious historical slant to them that I enjoy.

(okay, I cheated and that's six, but I'm an award-winning blogger, right? I'm allowed.)

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