Friday, August 17, 2012

How Many Have You Read/Heard Contest (My July Listens)

Like last month, I have a lot of great ARCs to give away but not so many YA books that I listened to in July...So, the same rules apply:

-ANYONE can enter this contest. Just comment below.
-You will get BONUS ENTRIES for every one of my June listens you've already read/heard.

Here are all the ARCs I'm giving away:

Here are my July listens:

Bullying, the lighter, young YA, philisophical version.

Bullying, the heavier, older YA, more intense version.

I thought the last book in this series was the last one...I'm glad it wasn't.

More Sarah...about a girl moving aroud, creating fake identities to avoid her real, new life.

My surprise favorite last month...about a girl who who forgets her past and remembers her future. Cool premise, even better story.

What about you?

Want one of those ARCs? Just Comment below.

And get bonus entries by telling me which of my July listens you've read or heard. 


  1. I've read all of your July reads except Buddha Boy (which sounds intriguing!). Of course I had to read anything by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Dessen the day they came out, and Courtney Summers is quickly becoming one of my fave authors, too. And I couldn't put Forgotten down!

  2. Sadly, I have read NONE of these. And Alison must fix that. Some Girls Are has been on my wish list for a while. And Forgotten sounds awesome!

    Thanks for hosting this contest again!

  3. I've read What Happened to Goodbye. Love Sarah Dessen.

  4. The premise for FORGOTTEN does sound really cool!

  5. I've read What Happened to Goodbye and City of Lost Souls! I've also started Forgotten.
    And I'd love to win Throne of Glass!