Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday- Which Faction Are You?

      This Week's YA Highway Road Trip Topic:

What Faction Are You?
In honor of our Bookmobile Book of the Month, Veronica Roth's INSURGENT, we want to know which of the five factions in the DIVERGENT series would you choose? Here's a great breakdown of the five factions, and if you're on the fence, you can even take the quiz for a hint!

My first reaction to this question was, Aren't we all Divergent?

So, here they are, from least to most important in me:

Dauntless Not at all. Needles petrify me. I rarely walk alone at night. I practically had to read a manual before feeling brave enough to use the NYC subway the first time. The only adventurous thing I've done is live in five states in less than fifteen years, and that was at the bidding and with the security of my husband's job behind us.

Candor My dad always said, "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all." Generally, I do value this belief over candor, though as I get older, the candor comes out more, especially as a parent and a critique partner. It won't always make things better to stay quiet or just say nice things.

Abnegation  I try to be selfless in ways that are beyond my comfort zone, but most of the time I fall into the normal range, having no problem giving up my food, coat, whatever to my family members but not as often to a stranger. I donate, recycle, have taught and done social work as a profession, but all without giving up much of what makes my life comfortable...In fact, being in a giving profession and now a mom is what makes me comfortable and fulfilled, so that's not really selfless.

Erudite I love learning. I listen to 2-4 nonfiction books a month and watch lots of History and Discovery channel with my family. I'm not much for keeping up my math skills (other than helping with homework and doing the occasional Sudoku puzzle), but most of the other subject areas are covered on a regular basis in my life. I love being a lifelong student of the world.

Amity Peace and understanding above all. This I believe with every fiber of my being (though I'm not 100% perfect at acting on it).

And Amity strengthens all the other factions in me:

-Most of the learning I do is about human behavior, psychology, anthropology and sociology.
-I focus on conflict management as a giving professional and parent.
-I'm willing to be candid if it leads to greater understanding.
-Finally, I'd like to believe I'd even be dauntless when it comes to defending peace and civil rights.

What about you? What roles do the different factions play in your life? Which one would you chose if you had to?


  1. What an interesting question! I guess I'm more erudite than anything else, but amity is a close second. I love your phrase "a lifelong student of the world." That's what I'm striving for. :)

  2. i agree. we are all a little divergent. for me, i'd probs test out as candor or euridite, because if you ask me a question, i don't usually lie (if i do, you can tell anyway so why try to, right?) and i love learning new things, so euridite

    dauntless would probs rank about the same as amity cuz while i'd like for us all to get along, i dont back down from a good fight.

    as with abnegation, i like to think i can be selfless. i do all the normal things, but i dont know if i could ever totally forget myself so i can be all about the welfare of others. hello? im just as important as everyone else...right?

    jeez jennifer. why do you make me ramble on so? :)

  3. I'd end up in Erudite, but I'd most likely be Divergent. I love learning and could easily be a career student. Dauntless would be wonderful, but there's no way I'm brave enough. I like how you broke this down and ranked the factions according to your personal strengths and so on. Very smart. :)

  4. I also agree that we all are divergent really :) But as to what I lean to my list started in reverse, apparently I am mostly dauntless. I don't disagree but I think I have a dash of amity in there - I don't like violence as a response to all problems!

  5. Yay Divergent! I would probably lean toward Abnegation, Erudite, and Amity. Erudite seems to be quite popular. The love of knowledge is a good thing--and something I share, but I don't want to learn just to satisfy my curiosity. Knowledge is power, but only when it is *used*. That requires Abnegation, Amity, and even Candor and Dauntless. So... yay Divergent! :)

  6. I still can't believe I'm Dauntless because I really thought I'd be Abnegation or Amity. It's a fun quiz though.

  7. I thought I was an Amity before the quiz and I was. I'm too much of a chicken to be Dauntless.