Friday, May 11, 2012

MAY I Share Something Funny/Publisher Update

For Sara McClung's May blogfest, 

 Fridays are: May I share something funny?

This week, I was reminded of a family dog I had growing up named Suzie. She looked something like this (only not so well groomed):

She liked to chase cars...luckily, we lived on a rural county road, so she didn't have many chances to chase.

My dad, a farm boy to the bone, declared that if the first hit didn't kill her it would cure her.

My aunt was more philosophical. She said, imagine it from the dog's point of view. The cars come, she barks at them and chases them until they disappear...she's defending her territory, and it works every time.

Suzie did get hit eventually...nothing serious...and she never chased cars again.

As a publisher update, Coliloquy's books are now also available for download on NOOK, Kindle Fire and Android devises. 

What about you? Ever had a dog who liked to chase cars?


  1. My mom's childhood dog would follow her to school but would also try to follow their car when they would leave.

  2. Aww! My dog never chased cars, but I can see why it would make sense to a dog!

  3. That is funny! My dog is incredibly stupid, but never has had the urge to chase cars. A good thing too, because I'm sure he'd get killed. I do have to check for open gates because he loves to run for his freedom.