Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May I Tell You Something(s) About Myself

For Sara McClung's May blogfest,
Tuesdays Are: May I tell you something about myself?

I haven't done much with blog awards, but today I have a timely one from Tracey Joseph where I'm supposed to answer some questions about myself.

What is your favorite song/singer?

My old-school answer for this one  is a tie between Billy Joel and Meatloaf...More specifically, Only the Good Die Young and Paradise By The Dashboard Lights. Glee has re-done both my them, so I don't feel quite so old-school...either that or the writers of Glee are as old as me:)

They've been my all-time favorite songs since college...but now that I think on the subject matter of both songs, it's no great surprise I ended up writing YA...I love the big decisions and identity struggles teens go through, especially about their love lives. 

What is your favorite dessert?

I'm more a salty snack than sweet fan, but donuts are, by far, my favorite dessert. Anything yeast and non-chocolate. Cream-filled are delish.

What ticks you off?

Drivers who don't pull over for ambulances. New Jersey (surprisingly) is filled with nice and considerate drivers, but they don't always do everything in their power to pull over for an ambulance.

Ambulances are sacred...everyone has time to pull over for a medical emergency...or at least show the respect of trying.

When you're upset what do you do?

All my upset turns into tension headaches and tight shoulders. For those I try to breathe and relax...then medicate as needed.

Which is/was your favorite pet?

I couldn't possibly pick one favorite pet.
We had an Alaskan Malamute growing up (Corky) who climbed into my car so I wouldn't go back to college without her.

Dutchess, the first pet my husband and I had together, used to flick her kitty litter out of the box in front of my husband, just to piss him off.

And our current dog, Morgan, is such a character. She knows well over thirty words (can, treat, out...all self-serving, not obedient, mind you) and barks at my husband if he falls asleep on the couch at bedtime to get him to come to bed.

Which do you prefer black or white?

I'm all about the shades of gray...life is full of shades of gray. There are very few (if any) issues that are truly black and white.

What is your biggest fear?

Needles. Hate them! My veins hate them too as they always pop/slide over when someone tries to stick a needle in them...agonizing.

What is your attitude mostly?

I'm mostly positive and thoughtful/philosophical. I believe attitude does affect outcomes and try to think about the bigger picture with every action, especially when dealing with others. This can be exhausting though, especially as I get older and understand more.

What is perfection?

 Living life to your full potential and finding ways to help others do so too.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Chelsea Lately. Love her.

What about you? Any of these questions/answers ring true for you?


  1. Donuts FTW!
    Love your answer to black or white. :)

  2. Favourite Meatloaf song→ Bat Out of Hell. I guess that makes me just as old-school as you. :)

    I also can't stand when people don't make way for emergency vehicles. When I was with the police I got to go on a ride-along in a squad car. We had to go down a major thoroughfare with lights and sirens, and while it was a total rush, it was totally scary too (because people don't get out of the way). I guess I always think: it could be more or a loved on in that ambulance.

    I also hate needles. I'd love a tattoo, but my fear of needles kinda holds me back. :)

  3. I'm with you on the fear of needles. The last shot I got left a bruise, yuck.

  4. Love Only the Good Die Young! Such a great song. And I can't stand people who don't pull over for ambulances. It's horrible.