Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MAY I tell you a few things?

First off, Happy May day!

Sara McClung has come up with this great Blogfest idea for May that's way less daunting than the A-Z April Challenge (which I did last year, but not this year, though I still enjoyed many of the posts).

It's: Blog Me Maybe, with a different "May I..." prompt every weekday.

Not that you have to post every day (that's the less daunting part).

Tuesdays are: May I tell you something about myself?

To start, I'll tell you that I drew a little blank on where to go with this post...I like prompts, but this one was still a little too broad.

Then all these S words started rolling around in my head: Silly, Sad, Sublime and Surprising, so I decided to roll with them and tell you something of each.

Something Silly: Because of my years as a preschool teacher, I LOVE sensory things. Bubbles, homemade playdough or slime, and my personal favorite, cornstarch and water...I wish I didn't feel like I needed a teacher or mom reason to play with these things.

Something Sad: I lost both my dad and my mom by the time I was thirty-seven. I'm sad for their shortened lives, for their sake, but I'm constantly shaken by how big a hole they left in my life and how much I still miss them. There is no easy time to become an orphan.

Something Sublime: The times of the year (like now) when you don't need the heat or air conditioner on. First, it appeals to my frugal nature (lower energy bills). It also appeals to my Goldilocks nature...not too hot, not too cold...that's what I need. Plus, I love the smell of a fresh breeze and snuggling under the covers with the window open as I sleep.

Something Surprising: Even as an English major, I only remember writing three short fiction stories. All as an undergraduate. And they all sucked. I only remember even halfway enjoying the writing of one. So, no one was more surprised than me when I wrote my first novel in my mid-thirties, in less than six weeks. I didn't even know how to punctuate dialogue at the time.

What about you? Anything Silly, Sad, Sublime or Surprising to share?


  1. Love your Something Silly! My surprising thing is also writing fiction: although I've always been book-obsessed, I only wrote nonfiction for a long, long time. When I started playing with fiction again, it surprised me!

  2. You must live somewhere nice to be able to leave the windows open at night. If I did that, all I'd get is the wafting aroma of my neighbor's doobies and the sound of the 6am garbage truck...

  3. I love this time of year too, especially because it means less layers and yet I don't have to resort to tanks and shorts. Just perfect, just like Goldilocks :). I'm like you in the writing experience department. I came to this whole thing in my thirties too, even after going to University for an Education degree with an English major. That makes two of us who took to writing after the fact. :)

  4. I love corn starch and water--so much fun!

    And I'm sorry about your something sad :( That's awful.

  5. Silly? I just act silly most of the time. It keeps my family and students entertained. :)

    Surprising? I'm a math teacher who writes - but you knew this. :) How about - I registered for a retirement conference the other day because yes - believe it or not - I'm there already. Surreal.

  6. I'm going to have to try corn starch and water--sounds like fun! And it's getting a little hot here, so I'm having to put on the air conditioning occasionally, but it's still so lovely outside.

  7. LOVE your something surprising.

    I sat down at 32 (I think) and started writing this scene I had in my head.
    A few months later, it was a whole book.

    The second one went WAY faster, and I'm still surprised once in a while that I have these stories in me...