Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Secret Crush Blogfest

  Amparo Ortiz at No Rest for the Lazy is hosting a fake girlfriend/boyfriend blogfest where we write a letter to our favorite author or celebrity crush. I'm doing a little of both:)

Dear Laurie Halse Anderson,

           You had me at SPEAK. Speak

You could have gone on to write other books with different and distinct characters facing new issues that would tear our hearts apart, all with the same writing voice. Other authors do it. Almost all writers do it, from what I can tell. But not you.

You wrote WINTERGIRLS. Wintergirls

In a totally different character and writing voice...an amazing voice that drew me in even though the subject matter didn't resonate as much with me as SPEAK. Not until you wrote about it, anyway.

Most of us can only hope to be John Wayne writers,See full size image with new stories and characters with each book/movie, but deep down still writing/acting as ourselves. You are a Johnny Depp writer, transforming yourself for every book/role. I stand in awe...a total author-envy crush here...but not a real, real crush like I have on Johnny Depp ;)
See full size image

Jennifer Hoffine


  1. So very true! She's amazing--I love the voices of her novels.

  2. It's so true! It's so interesting and refreshing when writers switch it up between books. I hope that your "secret" crush knows that she's not a secret anymore!

  3. YES!!! I never thought of her as Johnny Depp, but it's true! Requesting permission to quote you for the rest of my life :D

    Cannot wait to get my hands on Wintergirls (yes, I am THAT LAME and haven't read it yet...).

    Thanks for the lovely letter!!!

  4. Amparo- quote away, and thanks again for this blogfest.

  5. I totally agree. I fell in love with Wintergirls - incredible writing!

  6. Agggghhhh! Hahahaha - That is such an amazing metaphore! John Wayne - 60 versions of a tough texas ranger - even an airborn ranger for Green Berets - yet still him. Johnny - who can slide into a movie in a small roll for fun and never be noticed - not because he's forgettable but because he can become - changing each detail about himself so far below the ego radar we can't see his transformation unless we look at the credits.
    You have a great way with words girl - You ought to think about being a writer - grin - cause You have the ability to convey a thought in such a bright tone that it's unforgetable!
    Hey, Just stoppin by to say Hi - thanks for all your great comments - Hugs. I can't wait to read Wintergirls now!