Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday

This week on YA Highway's Road Trip, we're doing an interactive Q & A.  So far, I've seen some tough ones and some fun ones (I can't wait to go answer them all). I'm going for something in the middle:

What element/part of writing comes easiest and/or is most fun for you and why?

Is it: Outlining?
             Character preplanning?
             Character development?
             Metaphors and Similes?
             or anything else I might have missed...

For me, it's dialogue. Sometimes, when my characters start talking in my head, I just write it actions, setting or dialogue tags...I'll put them in's so much fun to just let them talk and see where it leads them or what it will reveal.

What about you? What part of writing flows best for you?

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  1. Action. I love writing action, and especially fight scenes. I studied martial arts for years, so the movements and descriptions come naturally.

  2. action (aka fight scenes) is the most difficult for me, but the easiest, I think is a tie between dialogue and the MC's internal monologuing

  3. Action is most difficult for me too! Maybe I should take some martial arts classes...Then again, maybe I could just read about it in a book ;)

  4. That's what I'd say about you too! Dialogue is definitely just one of your many strengths! I'd say research and backstory. I find that part fun. But honestly, I work hard in all those areas.

  5. Dialogue! I'm like you--sometimes, I'll just let my characters talk and worry about dialogue tags later. So much fun to hear their voices!

  6. Dialogue for me too! For me, it goes Dialogue --> action --> plot --> setting. Hence why I need so much danged revision :)

  7. I love outlining. I find it so exciting and motivating to sit down and see where the story is going to take me and my characters. (Even if sometimes the outline gets chucked halfway through drafting.)

  8. Line editing. Second: dialogue.

    I'm terrible at setting. I never think much about it as I'm writing that first draft. I always have to go back and add it in during revisions.

  9. I often add setting later too...the sad afterthought. Maybe someday I'll purposefully write a book where the setting is one of the characters, so I can get better at it.

  10. Dialogue is the easiest for me. Everything else? Not so much.

  11. Oh, I am absolutely, full-on a dialogue person. I couldn't care less what my characters look like, or where they are situated – I figure them out according to how they interact with one another, and what words they choose. I blame it on/thank my brother, who has trained me in the art of subtle and infuriating dialogue with years of unbelievably believable lies and in-jokes.

  12. Hm... I'm with you, I think. I love dialogue! :)

  13. I like hunting up obscure historical elements - which is usually back story for some character. setting is easy - dialogue - shut up already and kiss her. Action - got the martial arts thing going too - and guess who in my family has been in the most fist fights :) action lol.. I also shoot a mean long-bow.

    My favorite though is writing two main characters playing chicken - both manipulative - both in love - both trying to do what they think is right - both just twisted enough to pull a terrible shock for the other out of his or her pocket. In the middle of a deadly game of stratigy right now - why I'm still up - after all my bedtime is usually 4ish. This one is too fun.