Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Motivation

Life begins at the end of your comfort Zone 
-Neale Donald Walsh

 I have a magnet with this saying on my refrigerator. I bought it last summer as I was contemplating starting another book, a safer book, instead of my WIP. I'd already written my first two books in my comfort zone then two more since getting the idea for my WIP. In fact, the last two were written specifically to avoid writing my WIP.

I love my other books. They're fun and real and (I dare say) have some depth to them, but my WIP is so much  broader in scope. So different than the rest of my books and so much closer to the heart of how I feel about the world. 

But it's moving so slow. Life is crazier than it was during the writing of my other books, but that can't be the only reason. Could it be I'm butting up against the edge of my comfort zone, afraid to fall? Afraid to fail?

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What about you? Are there times when your comfort zone holds you back? In writing? Elsewhere?

 Picture of La Quebrada Cliff Divers


  1. I'm sure there is. I did have some writing projects that I put off until I was better writer. But now I tackle anything b/c I know I'll learn in the process!

  2. Thanks for this post--I'm on the edge of my comfort zone with a new WIP, and it's moving so slowly. I'll try to remember now that the angst is coming from being on the edge, and I should keep moving forward.

  3. This is a thought provoking post. I think the subconscious sixth sense (intuition)protects us from the dangers we haven't consciously recognised. It blocks writing if it senses we are not confident of the way ahead.
    *grins and blushes I'll have to be careful... hatching original thoughts this early in the morning ;)