Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's DAY?

I've planted three lilac bushes in my life, two of them as mother's day presents to myself. Anyone else who has tried this knows that it usually takes years for them to bloom. Well, I have flowers this year. I've finally lived someplace long enough to get flowers. Happy Mother's Day to me.

Still, despite all the flowers, hugs and handmade cards we love to get on this holiday, let's just acknowledge for a moment that Mother's day is probably the biggest understatement of all time.

A day. Really? Sure, the restaurants love it because while no one can justify asking the mom of the house to cook a big meal that day, most men of the house aren't willing to do it. And while husbands and children express their gratefulness and try to remain on their best behavior for one day, that doesn't come close to encompassing the thousands of tasks, toleration of behavior, and hours of worrying and caring most moms do without their families noticing.

Being a mom isn't about a day. It's something that takes over every moment of your life, every fiber of your being.

The Peace Corps have it wrong. Motherhood is the toughest job you'll ever love.

So, Happy Mother's Day all, from one who knows how little one day means compared to all that being a mom can be.


  1. Lilacs remind me of Mother's Day--my parents live next to an arboretum with beautiful lilac gardens, and I'd usually take a long walk around the lilacs with my mom on Mother's Day. I wish I was visiting her this year to see them!

    I'm not a mom, but I agree with your sentiment. When I actually stop to contemplate how much my mom has done for my family over the years--little things to big things--it's overwhelming!

  2. Rebecca-I wish I'd appreciated my mom more before I became a mom.

  3. You're absolutely right, Jennifer. Motherhood is tough.

  4. Love Lilacs. Ours are a little late this year because it has been such a cold spring. Hope you have a great Mother's Day.