Friday, March 4, 2011

Gone But not Forgotten Blogfest

I'm taking a TV break today. On my blog.

Erinn, over at Something Else To Distract Me (isn't that a great blog name?) and some of her friends are hosting. We're to share our top five TV shows no longer making new episodes.

I picked all these before I saw the pattern...Comedy and Chick Lit/Flick...TV must have formed my reading/writing preferences early on.

First off, one of my first TV loves, The Carol Burnnett Show

  Okay, so I was young enough that most of it flew right over my head, but I still smile at the image of Tim Conway shuffling across the floor as an old man. And every time I misplace a pen, I think of Carol Burnnett falling through a laundromat dryer onto a pile of socks in the Land of Lost Things.

Next, still from my youth, M*A*S*H.

Comedy with depth.
It was a dramedy before that word existed.
And I still enjoy the reruns.

Now, for the root of my love for YA: My So-called Life
Never, before or since, has teen angst been done so well.

My last two choices are ones I was truly sad to see go.

 And        See full size image Wonderful characters, amazing dialogue...
Chick Lit/Flick at its best

What about you? Which TV shows do you miss the most?


  1. ooh, I used to love My So-Called Life! so that would be a pick for me...also: Alias, Heroes, and Seinfeld :)

  2. Loved My So-Called Life. I have to go find the DVDs now...

    Every episode of MASH I've seen, I've enjoyed.

  3. My So Called Life was awesome! But the # 1 best show not airing anymore is def. Veronica Mars :D

  4. I thought about M.A.S.H. too. How many times did they wrench the tears from us just to turn around and make us laugh by the end.
    Great list.

  5. MASH was excellent, wasn't it? So intelligent and funny. And I can't believe this is only this first time I've seen Sex in the City show up in this blogfest! I thought that would be a popular choice.

    Great list!

  6. MASH is a great choice! I love your list. :)

  7. M*A*S*H and Carol Burnett are a bit before my time. but cool choices!

  8. I am so there with you on MSCL. And I also loved Gilmore Girls. My husband made fun of me for watching it, and I didn't care.

  9. I adore My So-Called Life.
    I miss Arrested Development and Party Down, and the old Nickelodeon show Pete & Pete. It had Iggy Pop and Steve Buscemi playing dads!

  10. OMG, Gilmore Girls!! SUCH a cool show. I've only caught some episodes of that season where the Rory/Dean/Jesse triangle is in full swing, but I loved it!

    I've also watched a few S&TC eps, plus the two movies. Samantha is HI-larious :D

    Great list!

  11. Loved, loved, loved My So-Called Life. Claire Danes was just wonderful. Nice list!


  12. I miss My So-Called Life. That was the perfect teen show. Perfect. Great list!