Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday

Back to back Road Trips? I'm so ashamed!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and productive long holiday weekend!

Interesting topic this week on YA Highway:

What movie do you wish had been a book first?(And if it WERE a book, who should have written it?)

I'm going with my all-time favorite movie, Dead Poet Society...If there's anyone who hasn't seen this one, run, don't walk to your movie rental place. RIGHT NOW! You won't regret it!

As to who should have written a novel version was originally written as a screenplay by Tom Schulman, so he, by rights, should have been the one to write a novel version, especially before the was his idea.

Now, what I'd like to read is a YA a contemporary setting...maybe a military school, or one of those last-resort places they send troubled kids. And I think Cris Crutcher is the perfect person for the job since he writes about at-risk youth, positive adult influences on youth and different philosophical approaches to life.

Whale TalkDeadline

This screenplay/novel thing does bring up an interesting question...are you more interested in how the original author would expand on a familiar story and characters, or will any author's imaginings do?


  1. Very interesting choice. I remember I had to watch this in an English class. I was annoyed at first because I thought the title was dreadful (I was a very weird teen), but the movie ended up being AWESOME!

  2. That is an interesting question. The thing is that even if they can write an awesome screenplay, that doesn't mean they can write fiction.

  3. Pam Harris-It so ages me that I wasn't even in high school when this movie came out!

    Alicia-good point about the screenplay vs. novel conundrum...they are different skills. Still, I'd rather read a dialogue-heavy novel by the original creator of the characters and story...but I guess it depends on how important the setting is, among other things.

  4. Oooh, I love Dead Poet's Society! I would love a book updating it, no matter who writes it. What a fun question!

  5. Oooh, I LOVE Dead Poet's Society too!

  6. cool pick- -a classic movie!

  7. Good choice, I like how you mixed a classic movie with a modern author.


  8. Great choice. I think I'd prefer to see how the original author would write the novelization--perhaps then small details in the movie could take on greater significance.

  9. Rebecca- There is a novelization of this movie. Different author, though. I read that it resembles the director's cut, plus some expansion on a few scenes.

  10. That's really tough for me to pick because most of the time the movies I love - come to find out they were based on books! :)