Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday

The Y.A. Highway topic this week gives me the perfect chance to post about what everyone else has been posting about:

Mockingjay (Hunger Games, #3)

Yes, MOCKINGJAY, has been my favorite book this month also. I've never been so eager to read the next installment of any series as I have THE HUNGER GAMES. And the conclusion did not disappoint. 

There has been some talk about it having too much violence for YA, but not since I read Slaughterhouse Five have I come across something with such an eloquent and powerful non-violence message. *Warning Rant* If we could get half the teens who play shoot-em-up video games to put down their controllers and read these books, I'd feel a lot more hopeful about our future. *Rant Over*

The other thing this book did for me is get me hooked on Audible
I've always counted on the library for my audiobooks, but this meant a long wait between the release date of a book and it being available to me. Now, between me blogging and library budget cuts making my waits even longer, the idea of buying audiobooks has become more appealing.

So, with Mockingjay, I finally joined Audible. I've already got PARANORMALCY and THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE to listen to also. Those are two my library has no plans to buy at this time.

Thanks, BTW, for the recommendations on my Debut Author's Challenge. I'll be getting a hold of people about the ARCS.


  1. Oh wow, THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE as an audiobook. Do you know who is reading it? I feel like it would be a lovely book to listen to.

  2. You have Paranormalcy as an audiobook?!Wow!!I so want to read it!And I also want to recommend Sea by Heidi R. Kling and Everlasting by Angie Frazier to you.

  3. Rebecca- THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE is read by Julia Whelan. She also narrated PEACE, LOVE and BABY DUCKS. Nice YA voice.

    Bookaholic- Thanks for the additional recommendations!

  4. I haven't made the jump to audio books yet. But I think it would help with writing to - listening to the rhythm and cadence.

    And I'm so happy for Denise. I remember reading the first chapter back on CC. I wish her the best!