Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Challenged/Banned Books I love #2

The Perks of Being a Wallflower       Whale Talk      TwistedOkay, I'm going to cheat here and lump a few books together. I'm calling it: Boy's Banned Books day

Whenever someone of my generation gets their panties in a wad about the goth boys or punk boys (or whatever they consider themselves) with their wild hair and piercings everywhere, I say that I try to reserve judgment. Not just because you should always reserve judgment anyway, but because boys have so few choices, fashion wise, to express themselves.

Same is true in YA. Most of the choices are for girls. I know, I know, most of the readers are girls, but (IMO) it's a chicken/egg argument as to why that is.

So, these three books have three very different male protags, all very well done, and all deal with heavy issues in profound and eloquent ways.

So, even if you're not a boy. Read them!

As for my writing diary project, (join us on Patti Nielson's blog, HERE)

Yesterday I wrote:
12:00-2:00pm (I gave myself one hour, and it turned into two)
For fifteen minutes during a dance class (I can't just ignore other moms when they talk to me)

Pages done: 4 and a half, including some revising/editing of those fresh pages.



  1. Boys books are hard. I tried looking, but obviously the adult real is overwhelmed with male authors, and so it the sci fi/ fantasy shelves. Maybe the hang out there? I think there should be more 20something guy stuff, but no guy I know reads

  2. Bekah, you're right. Maybe teen boys are more likely to go up to adult suspense, sci-fi and fantasy before the girls do. Not that teen girls don't read adult stuff also (I did when I was young), but today's YA seems to have so much more to offer the girls than the guys.