Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Audiobook of the Week

Fragile Eternity-Melissa Marr

In this sequel to Wicked Lovely, Aislinn (pronounced like Ashlyn in the audiobook) is settling in as the reluctant faerie queen of the summer court. She made a deal with her King, Keenan, that they would rule together but not as a couple. That way Aislinn can keep her mortal life, which includes school, her grandmother and her mortal boyfriend, Seth. But deals with faeries never turn out as planned, and Aislynn feels drawn to Keenan despite her love for Seth. Seeing the writing on the eternal wall, Seth decides to try for forever, but his deal with the highest faerie of them all will have consequences none of the rest of them can see clearly.

As a Reader:

I like Aislinn’s struggles to write her own rules about how to be queen. I’m not usually into politics, supernatural or otherwise, but the characters are so strong…all torn by the roles assigned to them verses their personal desires…that I find these books thoroughly enjoyable. This is a to-be-continued ending. Radiant Shadows is out now, but it looks like another companion novel like Ink Exchange, so we may have to wait for more of Seth and Aislynn.

As a writer:

As I’ve said before, I prefer first person in my reading and writing. It’s to the point where head popping and omniscient stuff…even when done on purpose…can pull me out of a story. But if I ever have a story idea that won’t work in first person and/or needs multiple POVs, I'll aim to do close third person as well as Melissa Marr. 

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