Friday, June 4, 2010

Audiobook of the Week

Cupcake-Rachel Cohn

Cyd Charisse is about to take on the Big Apple in a big way…or not. Skipping her culinary class to scope out guys in Central Park while she pines for her true love, Shrimp (see also, Gingerbread and Shrimp) may not seem like the best way to make a new, grownup life for herself, but somehow she stumbles into one anyway. Then Shrimp appears, back from surfing in New Zealand, to mess up all her non-laid plans.

As a Reader:

I love Cyd (Cee Cee) with her brass talk, unconventional family and quirky friends. Her takes on NYC and the bi-coastal contrast of settings are great. And from what I’ve seen, the city is still a little cupcake crazy.

As a Writer:

I prefer plots (like this one) that are a journey rather than the relentless goal-seeking quest most plot-writing advice will tell you to do. A nagging little part of me says this is a sign I need to improve my plot writing skills but another part argues that this is a more natural way to tell a story. To me, believable and likable characters can flounder around, take detours, change their minds and sometimes just aren’t sure what they want. And for some, what they want ends up not being what’s best for them. 

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