Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Road Trip Wednesday- Humor With Purpose

This week's YA Highway Road Trip Topic: Good for a laugh: who is your favorite comedian or funny book and/or movie?

I have an immense amount of respect for humor. I grew up on Alan Alda, George Carlin and Robin Williams. Comedians who, yes, did their share of wacky stuff, but mostly used humor to make a point...or, more precisely, many points.

This goes back way farther than those comedians though. Like nursery rhymes as political satire.

I feel like humor can get away with more than straight talk. It can make people listen and think of issues in new ways. It can open eyes and change people's perspectives on things. It can galvanize people who already have that opinion to go out and do something about it.

That's why my favorite funny book is:

Beauty Queens, first off, has the best and funniest cover ever. The book made me LOL for real many, many times. And, most important, it reminded me of why I'm a feminist and that we still have a long way to go...But at least there's a clear-headed woman out there willing to write the truth in the guise of an outrageous and funny story.

What about you? What's your humorous favorite?


  1. Oh my word. How did I forget about BEAUTY QUEENS?! That one was especially hilarious. :P

  2. Ah, I love that book! SO funny.

  3. Yes! I mentioned this one today too. I mean, it's SO goofy and so much fun.

  4. I haven't read this one yet, but it's at my library and I want, along with her new book too. There's too many books I want to read!

  5. YES to BEAUTY QUEENS! Hilarious book, from the cover to the last page.