Monday, March 26, 2012

Debut Author Challenge #3

For Debut Author number three, I chose (thanks to Audible) BORN WICKED, by Jessica Spotswood.

Cate Cahill has to pick a husband soon or have one picked for her by the Brotherhood. Only, she has two younger sisters to protect. All three sisters are witches, and if the Brotherhood found out about that, Cate would have far worse things than a forced marriage to worry about.

I enjoyed this book. Historicals, even Fantasy/Alternative History style, always get bonus points with me, but I think a lot of female readers could relate to this one. The forbidden love element helps too.

Most important (to me, anyway), is that male dominance in our culture may be of a more subtle nature, but there are still parts of the world where the lack of choices for females and the risk of persecution are as strong as in Spotswood's world.

What about you? Read this one? Any other debuts to recommend?


  1. I haven't read that one, but I love witch books, so I'll be looking for it.

  2. I love that it's got a deeper issue to it! I'll definitely be picking this one up. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. This looks good, the cover is amazing.

  4. I love the cover, too. Not within my normal reading interest range, but I'm learning to stretch myself. (smile)