Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb Break and Debut Author Challenge #1

Were did last week go? We had a winter stay-cation...well, except for basketball. No break from basketball season. We also fit in some outside softball practice during our warm winter break.

Out of curiousity, does anyone else live in a state/school system where you have a week off in February? Winter break? We still have a full week of in April for spring break too. Of course, the kids have to pay for these nice breaks by going to school through the third week of June.

I grew up off school in June, back to school the end of August, with spring break as the only long break after the holidays, so even after years of being here in NJ I find this winter break disconcerting. And still in school most of June? That's summer, for cripe's sake. I can't get used to that. At all. Anyone else thrown by changing school schedules? And now there are whispers of year-round school everywhere.

Anyway, on to my first Debut Author challenge. Finally.

I chose, thanks to Audible, Tempest, by my agent-mate Julie Cross.

Forget everything you ever thought about time travel...the main character, Jackson, says this...or something like the story, and I agreee. I loved how this book rethinks the time travel concept and thrusts you into a world of possibilities beyond Jackson's much-needed redo to save his girlfriend's life.

What about you? Read this one? Any other 2012 Debuts to recommend?

And winter break? Had it? Need it?


  1. Yes indeed--over here in Queens, I am back at work and ready to power through the next six weeks until spring break! And then all. the. way. through. June. OMG. It gets so hot in here. But I like the multiple breaks, especially since I've started directing our school plays--the February break is a nice breather before we kick into high gear (the show is in three weeks!)

  2. I bought this the day it came out, but I still haven't read it yet. I know. I know. Bad Karla. sorry :(

  3. I would hate to go to school in June! That's such a perfect summer month.