Friday, November 12, 2010

Why Audio?

Top five books/series I probably wouldn't have made it through if they hadn't been on audio.

Listening to audiobooks has broadened my reading horizons. Sure, I have an English degree and read many books in college I loved, loathed and everything in between. I don't regret reading any of them, but I also probably wouldn't have chosen many of them. As an adult, I taught and worked in social services. As a reader, I might still be happily gobbling up one Historical Romance a week without any notion that I might want to be a writer...if it weren't for audiobooks.

So, here are the top five, monster-sized books I wouldn't have made it through if they weren't on audio:

The Vampire Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles, #2) Sure, I might have read Interview With A Vampire, but the story doesn't really get going until this book. A wonderfully descriptive series, as all Anne Rice's work is, that might have proved too much for me, either from fright or sleepiness, if I'd tried to read it in bed.

The Clan of the Cave Bear, the Valley of Horses, the Mammoth Hunters, the Plains of Passage (Earth's Children, #1-4) Even though it is Historical (Prehistorical) Fiction/Romance, I would have never picked up this wonderful series, averaging three inches thick per book, if my library hadn't had it in audio.

The Stand I know, I know. Can I even call myself a real book lover if I admit I wouldn't have read, read this one? I'll take my chances. Admit my faults.

The Host I've heard people complain there were some slow parts in this one, but I didn't feel them as I was busy doing dishes or laundry or driving as I "read" it.

Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America And finally, this is probably the number one book everyone should read but they're scared off by the thickness. I have a much better handle on the dire state of our environment and the politics that make the situation even more dire because of this book. If I won the lottery, I'd send an audio version of this one to every household in the world.

Maybe next week I'll admit to all the thick YA I might not have made it through...would I loose all my followers if I mentioned J.K.Rowling? (Love, love, love you Harry, but your books are long.) Luckily, I've never had to make those tough choices as the audio was always there for me:)

How about you? Any books you gave up on or didn't pick up but you might have made it through on audio?


  1. Two of your five (VAMPIRE LESTAT and THE HOST) are on my list of all-time favorites. I've never done the audio book thing, but I'm thinking of getting a couple for in the car when I take long roadtrips to see the old folks :)

  2. Because of so many things needing my attention, I had to stop reading the Stand. I do plan to get back to it, though. I want to get to The Host at some point and after nano, I'm gonna be a reading junkie, including audio books. Great selection!

  3. I've heard that Incarceron is better on audio. I haven't tried it yet, but I haven't been able to make it through the book either...

  4. There is something about listening an audio book that brings it to life, esp. if the narrator has a good voice. I haven't made it through any of those books! And I think it's neat that audio books got you into writing!

  5. Elana- I loved Barbara Michaels books on audio, but when I gave my favorite one to my mom, she said it put her to sleep. So, I guess the same could be said of Incarceron...I thoroughly enjoyed it on audio, and it never felt slow to me.

    Laura- I've had friends who favored certain narrators. The one who does The Vampire Academy is supposed to be great, though I haven't listened to that one yet.

  6. I have to say that Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator saved the day on one of my family vacations. Instead of "Are we there, yet?" and lots of fighting, we were laughing our way down the road.

  7. PS. Congrats on starting your own Top Five list!

  8. Michelle- Just looked on your blog (I have read it before, really) and saw your Top Five Friday...didn't mean to steal your idea, but it is a good one:)