Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday- The number of books I don't read


This week's YA Highway Road Trip topic: About how many books do you read in a year? Do you want to read more? Or, less?

I read less than ten books a year. Some years less than five. Usually nonfiction writing research and fiction critiquing/beta reading.
But I listen to over a hundred books a year.
YTD for this year: 123
I can listen to books while driving, shopping, doing the laundry and cooking...all things I have to do anyway, so I might as well get some books in while I'm at it.
Do I wish I could read, read more? Sure. My dream for retirement is a recliner and a stack of books at my side. Until then, I'll have to fit in my reading the best way my life allows, by listening.
What about you? Get enough reading in? Ever tried audio?



  1. I haven't really gotten into audiobooks--until recently, I've been wary of anything that asks me to focus on what I'm hearing (other than music, of course). But I've just gotten into a podcast that I love, so now I'm warming up to the idea. Maybe 2013 will be my year of the audiobook!

  2. I started listening to audiobooks last year when I worked in a costume shop for a couple weeks. I'm finding I really love listening to a story be told.

  3. I need to start listening to more reads!
    (Thanks for the book-books that showed up in my mail this week!)

  4. Wow! I didn't realize you listen to that many! I'm the opposite. When I could listen, I don't, because I use that time to think and work out plot problems. But I read almost every night. i bet listening becomes addicting.

    And I got the books! Thanks!

  5. 123 books is a lot! I'm more visual than auditory, so I'm not sure that I could ever do the audiobook thing. My mind would probably wander too much. :)

  6. Listening to audio books counts as reading--absolutely. I love audio books, but I've taken a break lately since, like Jaime said, my mind was wandering. I'm going to check out a few for my upcoming holiday road trip though, so I imagine I'll get back into listening. I love it when a narrator really makes the book an experience to listen to.