Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday

This Week's YA Highway Road Trip Topic:

Where do you buy most of your books? No one is judging!

I have to admit to being a scurge of the publishing industry since I get almost all of my personal reads/listens from the library, thrift stores and used bookstores (LOVE Half Price Books).

I do contribute extra in frequent late fees to the library (oops), but all this second-hand reading/listening does leave me at a disadvantage for new-release listens as a blogger. So...this year I broke down and joined Audible...which means I'm finally a direct personal monetary contributor to the industry I hope to become a part of :)

I do make up for this in gifts. At Christmas and birthdays, all of my neices and nephews get at least two books from us. My mother-in-law is also a reader and gets books from us as gifts.

I get most of the child gifts from Scholastic (LOVE Scholastic from my teaching days).

For my mother-in-law, a specific book for a child, or gift certificates, I go to Barnes & Noble. I also browse my warehouse store (BJ's) for periodic gift buys.

Oh, and Marshalls/T.J. Max is a surprising cheap resource for baby's board books (for showers and such).

What about you? What are your book-buying habits?


  1. Even though I don't always shop brick-and-mortar, I try to buy new as often as I can. However, while this means I'm contributing to the industry, it also limits the number of books I can buy, so I have to buy new selectively.

  2. I think I only have one audiobook so far :-) (still a bit behind on this)
    Used to love B&N when living in the US, now I mostly get them from amazon or any bookstore with an international section :-)

  3. Amazon, e-books.
    You know, I always think about buying books to my mother and MIL and SIL and others, though they read genres I don;t like , thus I don't know what is hot, what is not, and ended up giving up on the idea.

  4. I always buy my friends kids books and my boyfriend always makes the comment "Wow you're the cool aunt" in his sarcastic tone. Shows how little he knows because the kids always love them. I think it is the best gift to give. Especially when you get to sit and read it with them. There is nothing better.

    New follower :)

  5. I've bought a lot of books for my friends' children because I read so many at work. I've worked in nurseries and schools, so I like to think I have good taste in pre-school literature ;)

  6. Books are one of the main gift ideas in our family, so we're also (like you) doing our part to support the book industry =) In fact, since my cat decided to chew through the spine of LOLA and the BOY NEXT DOOR - which I had purchased, wrapped, and placed under the Christmas tree for my sister - I actually bought the same book twice this holiday season. That's double the industry support, right? Since I actually got to keep the original kitty-damaged copy, I'm not crying all that hard =)

  7. I totally forgot my chunk of savings that goes to Scholastic! I love when those little flyers come home!

  8. I consider my library fees charitable donations!
    Half Price Books has always been a favorite place of mine.

  9. I often buy books that I pick up at random in air-port bookstores, and I buy Dostoyevsky books from antiquarians >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  10. I get books from everywhere! I get some from paperbackswap (though not real often), the used bookstore, B&N, trades, winnings, RAK's, and I buy LOTS from the used amazon sellers (the used mass market paperbacks are often only $4 with the shipping). I also get lots for review but I haven't really been accepting many lately. Oh, and the library :)