Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday

This week, I'm joining in on YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday because their question of the week just dragged me in and wouldn't let go. Sort of like the book I'd like to write a new ending for, SWEETHEARTS by Sara Zarr.

Okay, so if I were writing that book *SPOILER ALERT* then Cameron and Jenna would have gotten together in the end. Cheesy romantic? Yes, as a writer, I guess I am, but even as a reader I would have been much happier if they'd just resolved things between each other better and/or stayed in each others' lives.

BTW, Sara Zarr's books, SWEETHEARTS and ONCE WAS LOST are both available in audio. Both great listens.


  1. I haven't read this one yet so I scrolled down really quickly. LOL But thanks for joining us for RTW!

  2. I haven't read that one yet either.
    Enjoy the road trip!

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  4. Amanda- Thanks for following me also! I tried to put your widget on, but it didn't work. It's probably my fault. I'm such a newbie at all this, which is also why I don't have a widget of my own to trade. Thanks for the offer, though!

  5. I haven't read SWEETHEARTS yet, but it's definitely one that I'm interested in!

  6. On the whole, I'd suggest ONCE WAS LOST over SWEETHEARTS, but only because of the ending on SWEETHEARTS.