Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Audiobook of the week

The Silver Kiss- Annette Curtis Klause

For those of you still thirsting for vampire/teen love, you can check out this story. It was written in 1990, a year before Vampire Diaries even, so it might stand as the original high schooler/vampire romance (Feel free to inform me if I'm wrong!). No sparkles, but the author does blend her bloodthirsty romance with the complimentary theme of death and dying.

As a Reader:

I felt the author nailed the helplessness, anger and confusion of a teen facing her mother’s illness. I also liked the vulnerability of the vampire hero.

As a Writer:

Without giving anything away (or trying not to, at least), I appreciated the unexpected ending but wished she’d made it more expected at the same time. The aim (as a writer) is to surprise the reader but have them think back and see how the plot twist makes total sense. I didn’t have that happen here.

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Okay, I technically got in two posts in this week. Look for two next week. And more free books on the way!!!

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